Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amanda & Drew

My favorite project this year was creating the invitation suite and guest "book" (it's a poster, not a book) for my dear darling friend, Amanda, and her wonderful new husband, Drew. 

Premium hand-drawn lettering. Notice the elegant monogram.

All I can do is gush about how beautiful this wedding was, but blithe gushing doesn't do poetic justice to how transcendentally beautiful THIS wedding was. I admire these two people so much and their love is so aspirational for me. The inscription on the guest book is "Love Grows," which is a true description of their relationship and one of the reasons it's so special. They met in high school when they were 16. He asked her out to the movies. They never quit dating after that, or growing, as individuals and together. I felt like I was making wedding invitations for the Obamas; these are America's sweethearts, people. So without further ado, the suite of postcards: 

This is the front of the invitation, drawn from a photo taken by the couple on a fishing trip. They also went on a fishing trip for their honeymoon!
Gorgeous hand-drawn map. The back of this card has directions and the wedding website and such.
This is the RSVP card, drawn from a photo Amanda took of a giant beautiful tree in Africa. Some guests refused to mail these back and emailed their RSVPs instead! Ok, I did that. It makes the case for an understated RSVP card, but to me that would be a wasted opportunity.
The guest "book"! I drew the tree branches and lettering, and the guests' fingerprints and signatures filled in as the leaves. This photo was taken by their very talented photographer Ilya K.

Wildflowers: this drawing didn't work for the invitations, but there were so many lovely flowers everywhere at the wedding and I have to post it here. As an aside, Amanda's mom intimated to me that the only person who didn't like the invitations was Grandma, but only because she's traditional and they weren't all white with script type.