Monday, February 20, 2012

Voici La Mélusine

This is one of the new paintings I made for my little show back in November. I had some requests for poster prints, which are finally in! Let me know if you want one. 

La Mélusine comes from an ancient french fairy tale about the irresistibility of taboos, but you probably know her from the Starbucks logo. The daughter of a fairy and a king, Mélusine transformed into a double-tailed mermaid every Saturday. When she married she forbade her husband from seeing her when she bathed on Saturday, but of course his curiosity got the better of him. Just as her mother had had to leave her dad when he violated a similar marital condition, Mélusine ended up turning into a dragon and leaving forever. 

Squeak & Squawk Benefit Poster

Squeak and Squawk is a sweet little indie music festival in Tacoma, so I was very excited to get to do a poster for one of two benefit shows they had last weekend. I was proud of the paper doll concept, but disappointed with the execution. Blame it on quick turnaround, but I really wish I could have made one million more adjustments to get the design of the page right and the lettering drawn better the value structure balanced right and the hands anatomically correct and and and.