Monday, October 24, 2011

Old Soul

A little while ago I designed the CD packaging for my longtime friend and co-counselor David Robbecke's new album, Old Soul. The CD itself also features my illustration of the ol' soul'd musician as an ancient yet young-at-heart guru with a ukelele. David is a wonderful performer and gifted writer; Old Soul includes several original songs, including one of my favorites, "Our Wedding Song" which I was honored to hear performed at the very celebration for which it was written. It's a great listen! I recommend you check out songs from Old Soul on Dave's SoundCloud page, his YouTube channel, or purchase the CD or individual songs at CD Baby


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done. I wondered about the sketch of David on the cd. I really think you captured the fun in his old soul. Very nice work.

David Robbecke said...

Anita~ you did a beautiful job on the whole thing. I was wondering what you thoughtof the booklet being collated wrong. After all our, or your hard work, they made an error at the duplicator place. I'm sending them back tomorrow, and they are fixing the error. They offered a huge discount on my next project, $400 in cash money to keep them the way they are, or for me to throw myself on the floor, flailing my arms and legs until they fix them. I just want what I paid for~and your work to be intact.
David Robbecke
Not-so-OLD SOUL-when I don't get my way