Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Day at Museum of Glass!

Museum of Glass in Tacoma, affectionately known as the MOG (mahg,) hired me to do a new illustration for their Family Day fliers. The previously used illustration was a grossly pixelated image in a neon CMYK color scheme showing two white kids doing a craft project. My goal was to make a modern-looking image with a more accurate depiction of a typical Family Day at MOG. I had plenty of first-hand observations, made during my many months as a gallery monitor, from which to compose an image of journalistic integrity. Thanks to Elisabeth Emerson, MOG's Education Program Coordinator, for this opportunity! 


Mike said...

looks awesome! I love the way the space is constructed - especially that top view.

Krista Harper said...

I love journalistic integrity! Also, this makes family day look super exciting. Good work Yanitay!