Monday, April 4, 2011

Old Anchors by Nick Fioretti

Nick Fioretti is a talented musician and cohort at my current day job in the security department at Museum of Glass.  He recently finished this excellent single Old Anchors and appointed me to do the album art. It's been very satisfying to have an assignment I didn't make up for myself, and a delight to have my work associated with an amazing local musician. Give it a listen!


Mike said...

Oh man, that looks unbelievably great! I think the thin linework you've got on the man and the shoe are really helping your style out a lot

Vidya said...

I could just drink those lines in. Extremely well-researched shoe. And the shadows on the water ripples really hold the illusion. I promise I am not going to comment on every single post here. Unless you want me to.

Anita Landree said...

Haha! Thanks Vid! I loooove comments!