Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theme & Variation

There's a new hipster coffee shop in Tacoma and it's aaamazing! It doesn't come close to Meshuggah in St. Louis, partly because it's perhaps too clean and yuppie, but they do make a scrumptious, appropriately-priced espresso drink, unlike our friend, The Non-Hipster Coffee Shop. My sister and I went there so she could read in public and I could do some on-location drawing. 

Like every drawing in my sketchbook lately, it was awesome until I ruined it by coloring it. But I can't help it! I love the colors too much! Luckily I had scanned the line drawing because I had a feeling I might ruin it. This allowed me to go back and recolor it digitally, and be smarter about value and limiting/uniting the palette. 

This is a drawing I did at The Non-Hipster Coffee Shop back in November. We went so my sister could work on her NaNoWriMo and I could so some on-location drawing. This one also became unsatisfactory once colored, but I did a little better with the values. 

The idea of the Hipster/Non-Hipster Coffee Shop dichotomy is quoted from my teacher John Hendrix, who also taught me to draw on location. Look, John! I learned something! But I'm still learning.


Mike said...

These drawings are so good so good. The digitally colored one is certainly better...good call on the scan-first-color-later.

Vidhya said...

I am liking these too! I also like Jennifer's(?) contemplating expression on the bottom one.

ReluctantSuburbanite said...

Contemplating...or angry. I'm pretty sure I was mad (at the novel I didn't finish) at that moment in time.