Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Physics: The Theory of Relativity

Nonfictional Poetry! Black Graphic Shapes! An Ode to Tacoma Hipsters!

I saw this as I was leaving my studio at my sister's house late at night last week, to go home for sleeping. It was so beautifully bizarre and tragically poetic that I was instantly compelled to immortalize the moment in art. 

I even wrote a lame poem about it!

An instant later I ruined it by rationalizing that it was just a hipster whose co-pilot was home sleeping because she had to go to work in the morning, and that even though tandem bicycles are rare, bicycles in general are a hipster's bread and butter, and anything rare and kooky like a two-person bicycle is icing on the cake, and that furthermore, doing something out of context like going for a bike ride at midnight instead of the afternoon is just the cherry on top. 

So while I was witnessing a tenderhearted vignette of moonlit longing, this man was feeling awesome about his trifecta moment of hipster self-expression. This is the theory of relativity.

Now, if you recognized the title of this post from an episode of my favourite radio programme, This American Life, bravo! If you didn't, listen to it for free here; you won't be sorry because it is delightful, and this one even has a hilarious David Sedaris story, the oft contributor who originally hooked me on TAL.