Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumnal Still Life With Naughty Kitteh

Here we have a lovely watercolored drawing of fall harvest stuffs from the punkin patch, with an adorable furry intruder. Meet Ferdinand. Ferdi has one major interest in life: snacking ("shnacksh!") He expresses this interest in a number of ways, from his insatiable lust for cat food and kibbles to his compulsive chewing habit (that indian corn husk did not go unpunctured.) He also has an adventurous curiosity about all things that fit, in part or in whole, in his mouth, and thus munches on unattended foods, beverages, and morsels of paper or plastic or other unidentified substances with a gusto so strong that it overshadows any concern for flavor, status of edibility, punishment, or uncontrolled weight gain. At this point, you may be wondering what, if anything, Ferdinand has going in his favor. Well, luckily for him, his indomitable cuteness, love for cuddling, and tolerance for normal levels of playful, loving torture keep him in perpetual good graces with his momma and auntie.