Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Hello, Blog. It's been a while. The good news is, that is partially due to freelance-gig induced busyness; the bad news is that is was design work (as opposed to illustration,) and not particularly well-paid. But I'm super thrilled to have something going anyway! And another recent project was a t-shirt design, which you, dear reader, can soon purchase online! I will post about it, well, soon. 

I started this picture weeks ago but set it aside because I was having trouble getting the face to come out cute and not creepy. The result is overworked, but sufficiently cute, I think. The tire swing is a summer memory from Carol's Cabin. My Auntie Carol and Uncle Butch used to have a cabin in the woods somewhere, next to a creek. There was a wonderful tire swing there, and the whole family went to camp there during the summer.

Fall doesn't officially start for one more week, but the Seattle rainy season is upon us, and for the first time since I was incredibly little, I am not returning to school. This is cause for much angst. Now that summer play-time is over, I must start my career in the adult world, and face my fear of failure. I know in my rational mind that I can expect rejection and failure on my way to publication and success, and that the only way to actually fail is to quit trying. Still, the dark side of my inner perfectionist has an irrational belief that if you don't try, you can avoid failure. Well, too bad, you cat-lady! I'm going to go grab onto failure and bludgeon it with my portfolio until it bleeds sweet success!


Chi-Wen said...

Yeah, the whole done with school thing is weirding me out a bit, too.

BUT. You will do wonderfully, Anita! The tire swing illustration is amazing, and I quite like the applesauce ones too!

Leah said...

of course you cease to amazing with new work everytime! You are amazing... I am no going to be reading your blog...did not know it existed... can you tell me how do you post pictures? I have a blog for my travels in Korea and I want to post pics...but can not figure it out... anayway... MUCH LOVE XOXO!!!!!!